Pop-up 5th facade

An addition to the ceiling inspired by the shape of the '' Corbusier '' machines. The first operation to equip the roof, starting from a skateboarding ramp. A bump on the deck, which unfolds the street, like a logical space to skate.


Skateboard school and competitions on a high overground

The ramp is the first-born structure of the sports unit within this ensemble. The Ávila mountain to the north, and the towers of Parque Central to the south.

A folded flat that barely reaches the ground

The stereotomy of the device seeks to generate a perception of an object so light that it theoretically floats. It does not represent any additional relevant load for the building.


Autonomous skeleton

The entire piece rests on the existing roof slab without undermining its surface. The base of the curve comes into contact with the structure of the building, through a form of support -simply sustained-, like a beam that rests locked on the corbels of two columns, and manages to remain immobile in place by its weight.

Ramp-Caracas-Alfredo_Pineda_ ConferenceResidentArtist_02